Sri Lankan national anthem…

Flag_of_Sri_Lanka.svg“The Sri Lankan national anthem, ‘Namo Namo Matha’ was written in 1940. It was made the national anthem by the 1951 constitution. In 1961, it was changed to ‘Sri Lanka Matha’ without the consent of the original lyricist.

By the time the song became the national anthem, Sinhala was not made the national language and thus the Sinhala language was not experiencing the current prominence among the languages of the land. So the government at that time called upon a Tamil Scholar at that time, Pandith N. Nallathambi to translate the anthem to Tamil.”[1]

The Tamil version of the Sri Lankan national anthem was around since 1951. It was Mahinda Rajapaksa who banned it in 2010 [2] .The only thing lifting of this ban does is giving some of our county’s citizens to give homage to our country in their own language.

Given that the Tamil version of the anthem has been around since 1951 surely Prabhakaran must have known about it. So if singing this Tamil version grants the Eelam as the racists on my newsfeed tend to believe, I wonder why Prabhakaran did all this killing and warmongering instead of singing this Tamil version of the national anthem on loop.

PS: I have put a link to the Sri Lankan constitution at [3][4][5].

[3] English (Page 158)
[4] Sinhala (Page 165)
[5] Tamil (Page 203)

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